Comprehensive range of products and services

We are earthing & lightning specialists, system study,Design,Supply,Installation and testing we combine the best practices.quality,reliability and speed is what we are known for

Earthing & Lightning services;

  1. Conducting site surveys. 
  2. Testing soil resistivity.
  3. Preparing risk analysis and assessment for lightning protection.
  4. Formulating earthing calculations as per IEC\BS standard.
  5. Calculating Current Fault and Earth Fault Loop Impedance.
  6. Determining the best design approach (methodology) for Earthing and Lightning. 
  7. Conducting material take-off and material review for proposed design.
  8. Designing a new Earthing and/or Lightning protection systems if there is none. 
  9. Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of an Earthing and Lightning protection systems.