Earthing & Lightning protection system with Early Streamer Emission Air Terminal

Need for Protection,The need for earthing & lightning protection is determined according to many parameters including the lightning flash density of the considered area. A risk analysis method . The lightning flash density or by local data including for example detection network, maps and statistics.

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Components of the earthing & lightning protection system,The installation may be composed of the following elements:

Key :

1- One or more ESEAT

2- Connection component

3- One or more specific down-conductors

4- A test joint for each down-conductor

5- One earth termination for each specific down-conductor

6- Foundation earth electrode (earthing of the structure)

7- Electric power cable

8- Main electric power distribution box with SPD

9- Main telecom distribution box with SPD

10- Telecom cable with SPD

11- One or more equipotential bonding bars

12- One or more equipotential bondings between earth terminations

13- Disconnectable bonding device

14- One or more equipotential bondings (direct or via an Isolating SparkGap).

15- Main earthing bar

16- Electric equipment

17- Metallic pipe

18- One or more equipotential bondings through a spark gap for aerial mast

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General principles : An Early Streamer Emission Air Terminal (ESEAT) is composed of one striking point, emission device and a fixing element and a connection to the down-conductors. The area protected by an ESEAT is determined according to its efficiency . The ESEAT should preferably be installed on the highest part of the structure. It shall be the highest point within the area to be protected.

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